The Passing Parade: Cheap Shots from a Drive By Mind

"...difficile est saturam non scribere. Nam quis iniquae tam patiens urbis, tam ferreus, ut teneat se..." " is hard not to write Satire. For who is so tolerant of the unjust City, so steeled, that he can restrain himself... Juvenal, The Satires (1.30-32)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

AN UPDATE: The Truth Laid Bear now has me at # 7887 on their ecosystem hit parade. That's right, # 7887. That loud hissing sound you hear in the background is the hydrogen leaking slowly out of my cyberego.


  • At 2:45 AM, Blogger John F. Opie said…

    Hey, it could be worse.

    You could be me. :-)

    My blog is #23844 right now.

    Best regards, and don't do what I do!


  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger Linda said…

    I can relate - just when I start preening about how I've been steadily moving up, I find that the Bear has re-calibrated the system again, & I'm back at the bottom of the coal mine, scarce able to see daylight.


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