The Passing Parade: Cheap Shots from a Drive By Mind

"...difficile est saturam non scribere. Nam quis iniquae tam patiens urbis, tam ferreus, ut teneat se..." " is hard not to write Satire. For who is so tolerant of the unjust City, so steeled, that he can restrain himself... Juvenal, The Satires (1.30-32)

Friday, May 05, 2006

APROPOS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL: This may or may not come under the heading of breaking news; I know I hadn't heard it before, but that doesn't really mean anything really since no one tells me anything of any importance. That being said, has anyone heard anything about a newly discovered Gospel according to Saint Timothy's brother George of Tyre, a man loathed and despised in the ancient world as an especially crooked used chariot dealer, no mean accomplishment given the competition, that says that Ronald McDonald is the harbinger of the Anti-Christ? And why is the Roman Catholic Church, in collusion with the fast food industry and the Boston Red Sox, covering up this terrifying fact?


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