The Passing Parade: Cheap Shots from a Drive By Mind

"...difficile est saturam non scribere. Nam quis iniquae tam patiens urbis, tam ferreus, ut teneat se..." " is hard not to write Satire. For who is so tolerant of the unjust City, so steeled, that he can restrain himself... Juvenal, The Satires (1.30-32)

Friday, December 26, 2003

AND I RAN: German firefighters saved A Flock of Seagulls from freezing to death at Munich's Olympic Stadium today. A spokesman for the 1980's technoglam band said that they ran, they ran so far away, they ran all night and day, but they couldn't get away, until the firefighters came and set them free. Afterwards, the Munich Fire Department insisted that they could not be reached for comment, as they all had to wang chung tonight.


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