The Passing Parade: Cheap Shots from a Drive By Mind

"...difficile est saturam non scribere. Nam quis iniquae tam patiens urbis, tam ferreus, ut teneat se..." " is hard not to write Satire. For who is so tolerant of the unjust City, so steeled, that he can restrain himself... Juvenal, The Satires (1.30-32)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just another day in the neighborhood

Just in case you were wondering, and I am sure that most of you don’t care one way or the other, the answer is no, I did not watch Monday’s festivities. The Constitution of the United States requires that the President be sworn in at noon on January 20th in the year following a Presidential election. This is what happened on Sunday. The former junior senator from Illinois took the oath of office in the White House’s Blue Room from the Chief Justice, who managed to get through the oath without interpreting it as a tax on anything other than my patience. The political lollapalooza on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, on the other hand, was just a jumped up Chicago political hack’s tasteless attempt to turn the commemoration of a great man’s life into a celebration of Himself.  Yes, He is the one we’ve been waiting for all of our lives and don’t you ever forget it, you bitter clingers.

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